What is the punishment for drunk driving

Caught for drunk driving! A slew of punishments is waiting for you. First, you need to compensate injuries sustained by others. If there are none, it’s just god’s grace. You may be injured too and in that case you need to pay for your own medical bills. But this is not a punishment, isn’t it! So what is the punishment for drinking and driving? Apart from paying for medical bills and bills for repairing the car, you are likely to end up paying severe penalties. You may even be arrested if the officer thinks that there is alcohol in your breath or there are drugs in your possession. You may have to go to prison for possessing even a small amount of marijuana, especially if you are in Texas. Apart from that you may have to forego your driving license for some time and attend programs for alcohol treatment or drug rehabilitation compulsorily.

Teenage drunk driving

Your teenage son or daughter may go out with friends and enjoy. So long as their enjoyment is not an impediment to passersby in the road or other cars, it is okay. If the officer suspects something unusual, he may pull up the driver. Once the officer makes the driver stop the car and show the papers, your kid and his or her friends are in for some troubling time. The officer may use a breath analyzer device on the driver to see whether he or she is drunk/ intoxicated or not. The affects of alcohol abuse for teenagers are many. Even if they are not drunk or intoxicated, they may have to report to the police station, if the officer can lay his hands on contraband material with anyone of the occupants. Teenage drivers usually overlook the speeding citations put up by the police. If they don’t things may not take such ugly turns. So do tell your teenage son or daughter that DWI is a serious offence and that they should slow down as soon as cited for speeding by the police.

Evidence against DWI

You are caught and the case is in the court now. So, what do you think about proceeding with the case so that you can defend your rights and pay just a limited sum of money as compensation? There will be evidences used against you in the court. There would be evidences which the opposing party would try to use to nail you down and prove that you are liable for all the damage. What about a motion to suppress the evidence itself! Looks like a crime? But this is the motion that many experienced lawyers take recourse to save their clients. Famous law firms such as Butter Law Firm in Houston, Texas are experienced in fighting their clients cases. They take recourse to motion to suppress evidence more often than not. Howsoever, illegal it may sound; it is completely within the ambits of the American constitution. You can prevent any evidence to be used against you, if it is procured illegally.